Created in 1996 Boxhers™ are an exclusive line of comfortwear garments specializing in a Mission of Comfort for Women & her loved ones...The name was so unique to women's comfort it quickly became a featured descriptor in many online stores as a means to adequately define select goods with women in mind.

Boxher™ aka BoxherWear™ boasts a simple fact regarding female designers: We have the Balls they were born with....from women's apparel, active and sports wear, people have attempted to replicate the BoxHer name, style and ideal capitalizing on their idea. But none has been able to successfully replace them.

They have been around for over two decades with what was essentially an unprecedented marketing approach to women via the internet.

Boxher™ is always seeking and open to credible strategic partners, angel investors & collaborations with equal vision and ethic.

Check them out, we are sure you shall agree. Visit-LIKE-Share their FB page >>> Boxher

Designed for women by women because, "A Behind is a terrible thing to waste!" -BoxHer™ CEO - Founder