Thanks to a grant from the McGinnity Family Foundation, THE SALSA AGENTS GENERATIONAL GARDENS NETWORK aka SAGGN, began the summer of 2015. 

We are converting our 20k sf property into a working urban garden. It all starts with rainwater reuse. 

We are utilizing rain barrels and have already added 3 additional raised plant beds and planted items from WE GROW GREENS a partner and ally. 

THE DREAM: To add 10+ additional larger raised plant beds, transform grass to garden plots for neighborhood use thereby removal at least 75-80% of the grass from the proposed project area converting the space to tomato, peppers, cilantro and other viable plants and herbs. 

Youth as young as 3 yrs old have already begun to introduce themselves and family to getting dirty with TSL! Feel free to try us yourselves this and every summer!!!


Actual Plant Beds from VGI!

For more info email or Hit Us Up for more details. 

Our inaugural SAGGN project came to a close Sept 2015! It was a great success. Although we had a fair share of unexpected hiccups, we did many things right. 

  • 99+% of the water we used came from rainwater run off! 
  • 8-10 youths who had never grown anything thing stopped over, participated, even tasted the veggies we planted grew and harvested
  • 3-5 adults participants
  • Became community partners with The Good Stuff garden. Check em on FB. Luke and Ben are great allies!
  • We used seedlings from Teens Grow Greens and soil from Victory Garden Initiative. Our 2nd year using them.
  • We harvested over 200 lbs of tomatoes either using them in our summer salsas and/or giving them away FREE!

Here are a few pics of the adventures. If you are interested in becoming a part of SAGGN 2016 join our mailing list TODAY