That Salsa Lady loves engaging in shared alliances. One such alliance is with artists. We had the honor of hanging out with Yahnia as we participated in a glamor event in Atlanta.

An Atlanta artist, she was born and raised in Milwaukee, yet has traveled extensively both nationally and internationally. She has a versatile eye, dynamic touch and out of this world talent. Yahnia indulges the senses with an array of hues so subtle yet profound it is no wonder the viewer transforms into a voyeur of every piece she creates.

Yahnia periodically holds showings throughout the country. Although, she prefers private collectors, her works have been on loan to the Atlanta Public Library, ensuring accessibility to people from all walks of life. 

You actually can see some of her creations right here in Milwaukee at the Teutonia Gardens Apartment Homes located on the corners of Teutonia and Center streets.

We so adore her work, we commissioned two of her pieces solely to be used on the face of the TSL company credit card. For your pleasure, we have included some of her limited collections below. Feel free to connect with her as well. By 2014 her works shall be on permanent display and for sale at the new TSL space coming soon! In the interim feel free to visit her Etsy site where you may immediately purchase.

If you know of other artists' showings let them know about TSL. We would be happy to bring some a long.